Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life is Beautiful

This movie was probably my favorite one at of all of the Holocaust based movies we watched. Although it was during the holocaust and very upsetting, there was something about it that made it happy at the same time. Guido, the father of a little boy named Giosue and husband of Dora, had such a positive attitude during the whole movie. He told his son that being in the concentration camp was a game and that every day all of the hard tasks they had to do were only to gain points so that they could win a real tank since he loved his little toy tank that he owned. Guido did this so that Giosue wouldn't get upset. Guido made sure he was always in hiding and that his son was happy. During the movie, the mother, Dora, was separated from them in the camp since she was a woman and he would do things such as call to her on the loud speaker to show her that he was still alive and thinking about her. He did everything he could to keep his wife and son protected and happy. One part of the movie that really just put me in shock was when he came across the giant pile of dead bodies. It was beyond disturbing. Toward the end as he goes to look for his wife, he puts his son in hiding in a little metal box and tells him not to come out until there is absolutely nobody around. As he looks for his wife he is caught by a soldier and shot. He risked his life for his family. When the camps are liberated Giosue comes out of the box and a Russian solider pulls up riding a tank and gives the boy a ride. This made him think he won the game. It was the tank his father had been talking about. While riding the tank he sees his mother and runs into her arms. It is a beautiful scene to watch them reunite and thinking about how their loving father/husband had risked his life for them so they could be together.

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