Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Pianist

The Pianist was a very good, heart warming movie. Of course throughout the course of the movie it wasn't very heartfelt but towards the end when one of the Nazi soldiers helps the jewish musician survive while they were clearing out the ghetto, it gave hope that not all the Nazi's were evil. This movie was about how the pianist struggles to survive while the warsaw ghetto was being destructed. He has to find food and even gets sick. A couple decides to let him in and stay with them, but as the ghetto gets destroyed, the place where he was staying gets bombed because it was right outside of the ghetto. Luckily he escapes and finds himself to be back in the ghetto hiding in a house. Struggling for food he finally finds a jar of food. As he goes to open it it falls and he turns not to pick up the jar but to see a Nazi standing right in front of him. The Nazi asks him what he does and he tells him that he is a pianist. The Nazi makes him play the piano for him and then keeps him in his hiding spot and tells the other soldiers that the house is clear so they don't go in and find him. Every day the Nazi solider would bring him food and tell him to hang in there because he would be able to go free soon. He asked him his name so that when he was freed he could listen out for his music on the radio. Eventually the Russian soldiers come to save the jews and everyone comes out of hiding. He finds his family and the concentration camps are liberated. The end of this movie is very heart warming seeing the Nazi help out the pianist and then him being freed and finding his family at the end.

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