Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lola: Holocaust Survivor

Lola's story about her experience in the holocaust was outstanding. Getting to listen to a holocaust survivor speak was extremely rewarding. Lola told us that her main goal in sharing her story was so that it could continue to be passed on to future generations since soon there will not be any holocaust survivors left. I believe it is our generations responsibility to really pass on the horrors of the holocaust so that people never forget it. Lola's story was something I will not forget hearing about. She was able to stay away from the concentration camps and was in hiding underground at a barn. What amazed me about Lola's experience was that there were a few times where she should have died, but luckily something got in the way every time to prevent that from happening. Every time she was supposed to be taken somewhere to hide she would have hysteria attacks because she wouldn't leave her father behind. These attacks saved her life. One example i remember was that she was supposed to go in a wagon and be taken somewhere to hide. She had a hysteria attack so the guy wouldn't take her. Later on she found out that the wagon had been searched on its way to the hiding and the people in it were shot. If she were in that wagon, she would have been dead. Lola's story was extremely depressing but it was somewhat uplifting at the end when she told us that her father and brother had opened the door to the hiding spot and reunited with her after she thought they were dead. She was living underground for nine months with only some soup and bread which eventually they ran out of. Listening to her speak was amazing and listening to what she went through was like nothing I had ever heard before.

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