Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oprah and Elie at Auschwitz

Seeing Elie Wiesel go back to the concentration camp to where he was taken as a child was really amazing. Trying to imagine the thoughts that were going through his head during it was almost impossible. The fact that he literally showed us where he last saw his mother and sister, and where they were probably burned was unbelievable, in an upsetting way. I found it pretty amazing that he was willing to go back there. You would think that after all that he witnessed at that camp, he wouldn't want to go back. He was probably having horrible flashbacks. When they entered the museum I am pretty sure everyone in the classroom's mouth dropped at the amount of shoes and baggage there was. It really touched us all when we saw all the babies shoes. It was beyond upsetting that the Nazi's had killed so many children. When they saw all the shoes, not only babies, Oprah says, "…behind every shoe is life, is a person." This shows the significance of each shoe and how they represented someone who did not make it out of the Holocaust. Another significant quote said by Elie was, "How many Nobel Prize winners died at the age of one…two?" This quote is significant because it shows how the children that died in the holocaust never got a chance. Who knows what these kids were capable of, but it didn't matter because they were just automatically killed, without being given a chance to show the world what they were capable of becoming.

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